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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Socks Always Fit

Did you see that movie, um, In Her Shoes, I think it was? About two sisters, played by Toni Colette and Cameron Diaz (I am such a sucker, ever since Muriel's Wedding I will see anything with Toni Colette in it. I saw a horror movie - I hate horror movies - because she was in it) anyway. Where was I? Oh, she has this little speech about how she buys shoes when she's depressed(*) because clothes never look right, food just maker her fatter, and "shoes always fit."

Anyway. I wandered into the Outlet store here in OurTown, and found: Levis. For €20. On the size 36 rack, which is my size. 501s, wooo! Usually run €80-120 here, even more in the city, so you can imagine my little happy-dance. I also found the sheer embroidered tunic of my dreams. They're all over the place right now, but there was always one wrong thing about all the others. Not this time, though. This was the perfect shirt.

Well. Trying on the jeans made me realize just how blobulous I've become since I quit the gym. And the shirt was at an outlet store because it has two rips in the back. There was another one, with a slight stain where the buttons rusted and the rust got on the shirt, but if I wore it, it would just look like I'd spilled coffee down my front - an entirely plausible scenario.

But I did buy three pairs of cotton argyle socks.

(* Not that I'm depressed. Well, I wasn't until I walked into a store containing cheap Levis and the perfect shirt, and walked out with argyle socks.)

Totally off-topic: this is just fascinating, although I may be the only one in the room who thinks so. It's an article about the process of designing a database for the Old English Newsletter bibliography, written by a non-techie who had to learn it... well, pretty much the way I did.

Song du jour of the day: Every Song is a Cry for Love, by Brian Kennedy. Ireland's contribution to the Eurovision Song Contest (this WEEK! Hooo-rah!). Watch the video. See him hug his guitar. Think "Duuuude" in a Jon Stewart voice.

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~d (tilde) said...

OK, I do think that Olde English is facinating. I had a 'dream' once ( thank you, Martin Luther ) that I had ( been to the mountaintop? ) nope, sorry that I could translate Beowulf. But, it never panned out. Instead I flunked out of Community College or quit mid-semster, I can't remember which.
Somebody just the other day said purses and shoes always fit. I had never heard that before.