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Tuesday, May 02, 2006


...I have been writing actually. Technically. I've just been writing stuff like this:
SELECT filename, date FROM Photo WHERE photogID=4 ORDER BY date;
SELECT filename FROM Photo WHERE camID=5;
SELECT filename FROM Photo WHERE kb < 600 AND date > '2004-01-01';
UPDATE Photo SET camID=7 WHERE photogID=3;
DELETE FROM Photo WHERE filename LIKE 'Sundo%';
INSERT INTO PhoComapny (phoCoName, address, city, st, zip) VALUES ('Lightwise','360-5th St','Weed','CA','96094');

Homework. Due Sunday, turned in today. Yeah, you wish you could be as cool as me. Pfff, NOT.

I just found this, and it made me laugh.

So now I need to get tomorrow's lesson planned, and DrBob wants to beat rush hour, and I need him to print out my lesson stuff at the office, so I have maybe four hours to get that done. Last lesson took me, oh, maybe 12 hours to plan, altogether. Best get cracking then, eh?

Did I mention DrBob is leaving for Kalamazoo tomorrow?

Song du jour of the day: The Pixies, Where is my Mind?


landismom said...

That is a cool link!

~d (tilde) said...

where is my mind? is that from Surfer Rosa or doolittle? I shot pool with Kim and Kelly Deal ( kim of the Pixies ) in 1994. It was the night before a Lollapalooza where the Breeders played.