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Thursday, March 16, 2006


I fell asleep this afternoon. DrBob woke me at six so I could make dinner (because I'd promised I would, not because he's one of Those Husbands) and propped me up in front of the stove. I burned the chicken. I don't know what happened to the noodles. And I'm pretty sure the sauce is not usually that color. Damn. There go all my June Cleaver points.

This morning Ignatz said "I think we should get a cat and a dog, so we can have bilingual pets."


KimberlyDi said...

Last night we waited an hour for the Chicken Pot Pie to cook, then found out that the oven wasn't even turned on. Then I turned the oven on and waited another hour. When I pulled the pot pie out of the oven, it slide off the cookie sheet and fell upside down on the kitchen floor.

We ate Campbells soup instead.

Don't feel too bad.

alala said...

Thank you! That does make me feel a bit better.

Elemmaciltur said...

would the bilingual pets be cooking up a storm of burnt chicken and weird coloured pasta sauces, too? *LOL*

word verification: pkshu = PiKaSHU (ch would've been better)

Amber said...

Our neighbour's little puppy is very clever. She understand Enlish and Dutch - but only speaks Bark. Well, she can manage a little Wimper too, but I think she is hiding that fact from her owners... she only uses it when they are gone.

~d (tilde) said...

I fell asleep at 4:30. I was lying on the floor trying to hold my eyes open while the children played around me. Finally I couldnt stay awake any longer. Felt like I had been hit with a Sledegehammer.
Still need sleep, but feeling muchas betterer.