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Monday, March 06, 2006

more snowpics

So here's DrBob and the kids, and the Next-next-door kids, making igloos in the garden. DrBob decided to build one from the ground up. The younger set opted to hollow out an existing hill. Myself, I think DrBob's is much better, but that's me thinking as a Mom. Which one would you rather have collapse on your kid?

Ahem. By the way, that hill of snow? The one that's taller than the neighbor's car? Yeah. I made that. All that snow came from our driveway. And that wasn't even all there was: Mr Next Door and I were dumping snow across the street yesterday morning because there was no place to put it on our side. I can't tell you how unusual that is for this area. This is just so weird.

And, um, no I didn't go out and help build igloos. Because I am, uh, much too er, grown-up for that sort of thing. Egad, what a horrible thought. When did that happen?


~d (tilde) said...

I am going to guess that you are not too grown up...but rather enjoyed some free 'down' time without the kids.

Amber said...

I know! I use to love playing in the snow, then coming in and pealing off the wet clothes, warming up by the fire and sipping hot chocolate - Now? The playing in the snow/ wet clothes/ and freezing butt sounds like torture! I would much rather stay in and make the hot chocolate and build the fire!!