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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Oh, Lordi, Lordi

A little known fact that I just made up: Eurovision is the progenitor of the WTF phenomenon. Hey, it could be true. You take about 50 WTF-moments, string 'em together, and you've got the Eurovision Song Contest, pretty much. I mean hey! It's a pop-song contest, with one entry from each participating country! In Europe! How could this not be fabulous? It's like...a giant, festering kitsch-bomb. It's like pearls with plaid and sequins and fringe! And bearskin capes and leather bikinis, of course.

Seriously. You have got to see this. Umm, over here if you click on "Multimedia Lounge", and choose "video" you can see a selection of Eurovision offenders entries through the ages.

Anyway, at the moment I'm hoping Finland's entry wins, on the principle that, even though two wrongs don't make a right, five wrongs most certainly do.

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Kelly said...

Oh. My. God.