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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

re snow on the roof

Kymberlydi mentioned reading news reports about collapsing roofs. Yes, that is a concern here. At the moment the weight isn't too threatening, even though there's a lot of snow, but if it rains, that weight could triple and then it'll be time to worry. Ignatz says the fire department was at his school today, clearing snow off the roof. I'm going to ask at the kindergarten tomorrow - there is one section with a flat roof that looks potentially troublesome. Otherwise, I think we'll be okay. Most of the houses have fairly steep red ceramic tile roofs, very slippery when wet, so the snow will eventually slide off. You won't want to stand too close to any of the houses when it warms up, though. And the mailmen will all deserve hazard-pay.


~d (tilde) said...

I completely forgot you have a Kindergartner. Isnt that a german word? I am downloading banaroo, was wondering WHICH poppy song was the one you had going thry your head?
Did you notice another one of my tagged ppl like the Arctic Monkeys as well. Small world, huh?
Scary abt the snow, alala. I mean, I live with the threat of ( and thanks to Hurricane Katrina ) the damage of a hurricane...but I cannot even FATHOM snow.
or 18 degrees. I am glad you are out there, on here and that I have found you.

Elemmaciltur said...

well, I've been having some avalance from the roof falling down in front of the window the whole time yesterday. One was really big and it got me freaked out. Made this huge crash.

Chicka said...

We're almost completely melted over here, but man, it got dicey there for awhile with the ice storms.

I don't ever remember hearing about collapsing roofs when I was a kid in Cleveland - and we had some pretty brutal winters.

Glad you guys are ok!