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Thursday, January 05, 2006

this is for all of you who freak out when your children say darn

So Mrs. Next Door had her baby, and I needed to find a newborn chew-toy, which is the only reason I even took my kids into the toy store at all. On the way out, I spotted a bag of giant dice and said "Hey look!"

Son2 (the 5-year-old) said "Cool! Arschw├╝rfel (Ass-cubes)!"

Yes. He. Did. The lesson, I guess, is never go out in public with your sons without duct tape.


Kelly said...

"Ass cubes"


that's too funny.

Chicka said...


Oh man, people would just DIE if they heard my kids speak!

But for the record, my 5 year old knows how to substitute. If she hears, "someone got their ass kicked" she'll repeat and substitute "someone got their fanny kicked!" (or butt, or hiney). She knows what the words mean, but she also knows she'd better not use them until she's reached the "magical age."

Elemmaciltur said...

'Arschw├╝rfel'??? Where did HE get that from?