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Monday, January 16, 2006


Um, backstory: one of my Christmas gifts, from Firstborn I think, was a computer accessory kit that included, blessedly, a number keypad - the only thing I miss about having a laptop. El husband thinks I'm crazy, but there you go.

Anyway, Secondborn is fascinated with it and wants to sit on my lap and press numbers, so I opened a .txt file for him to play in and he typed all the numbers. Then he said he wanted to type another number and I said go for it kid, and he said, "It's a number that's not here on this paddington!"

Which I will concede is only mildly cute, but I typed it in the .txt file so I wouldn't forget it, and now I want to close that file (there is no reason to save a bunch of random child-generated numbers), but that quote is in there, and I have to put it somewhere. So here you go. The depth of my commitment to you, my readers, is... no, let's not finish that thought.


Elemmaciltur said...

Awwwww...that's sooooo cute! So, is that supposed to be a reference to Paddington Bear?

vicki said...

That's not just a little cute- it's VERY cute. Paddington is a great name for it! Thank you for posting about it- made me smile and remember when the kids were little and said things like, "Can we go to the mechanical gardens?"

alala said...

e: I dunno - I bought him a Paddington book, but he won't let me read it to him.

v: mechanical gardens - bwahahaha! I really should write more of this stuff down, it's so easy to forget it.