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Saturday, January 21, 2006

how to study

Aaargh. He got a C on his German test. *Sigh.* This sucks on many levels. He could do so much better if he would just put some effort into it. But he does have a problem with apathy, and I can sorta see why it might seem hopeless so why even try. Plus which, I'm not altogether sure he knows how to put some effort into it. Did you know how to study for a test when you were 11? I didn't. Even now, with all the studying I have to do, sometimes the information just doesn't sink in. I have a few strategies for getting around that, and I could probably teach them to him, but then we run into the apathy problem. I've tried showing him little tricks for focusing his attention or remembering things, and he's all, yeahwhatevermama. And, canIgonow?

The other level on which this sucks is it gets the Lord and Master all hair-up-his-ass, and he lectures the boy, who - face it - tunes out after the first four words. And he rants to me about the whole thing, which, Hel-lo? That is MY son you are gritching about, shut your face before I hit it with a brick. The fact that it's his son too? Does not make it anything like okay. It makes it worse.

So now there's an impending math test. The LnM will be in Munich the night before and morning of, so I am instructed to "remind him to at least look at the stuff". Hey kid? Go look at your math stuff.



*sputter, sputter* What? That wouldn't even work on someone who doesn't have ADD! Not for the first time, I feel the urge to ask my husband if he's even met this child.


Elemmaciltur said...

Oh gosh...I hate exams. And math has never ever been my strength.

Hula Doula said...

He'll catch on. It just takes time and patience. He'll do just fine.