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Friday, May 27, 2005

that was me not blogging.

Get used to it. Sorry, I'm mean and nasty, and then I wonder why my kids are such smartasses.

Right, remember a few weeks ago, when I said I had nothing to do, but about five massive things hanging over my head, all dependent on some action from someone else, before I could get started on them? Well, four of them have landed, which is why you're not hearing much from me lately. And tragically, the fifth - which was dependent on my boss, He Who Is Much Too Busy To Actually Get Anything Done - has now been passed to K and L, who are much more efficient, so that is really really pending now, any minute.

Also, the weather has been fantastic yesterday and today. I often have to stop what I'm doing to go out and just stand in it for a few minutes.

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