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Friday, May 20, 2005

So, theoretically...

...I could post in a different color every time. I dunno, there might be something immoral about that. It would clash with my blog-template too.

By now you've been pointed here by my regular blog, but I should mention that this is just an experiment. It might be easier, but it lacks something ... specifically, the lilac background, which I know is silly and distracting, but I love it anyway, so neener. I also know I could put it up here as well, quite easily in fact. But there's the rub.

I'm learning something about me: I hate learning stuff twice, I hate doing the same stuff twice - that must be where my housework problem comes from. I learned HTML by hand, and then when I had to learn DreamWeaver it was infuriating to waste the time learning all this highlight-click-drag crapola just to do something I already knew how to do. So now I have my own blog all set up and I know how to change it when I want to, etcetera, why learn my way around

Um, because you can leave comments. And because the blogroll thing might be a bit more maintainable. And overall, the added benefits may turn out to be worth having to learn a new version of what I already know. I guess we'll see. Kelly, the professional web-developer, uses, because she knows that it's stupid to re-invent the wheel all the time. Kelly is smart. I should be more like Kelly, less like Julia Larwood, the Woman Who Drops Things, from the Sarah Caudwell mysteries. Great books, by the way.

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