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Sunday, May 29, 2005

blogger on thin ice

So I got this from Mary:
>> I tried to comment on the blog.  It seemed to demand a
>> registration, which I
>> quit after it seemed to imply I was signing up for
>> my own blog. Clicked
>> on something that I thought might work without the
>> sign-up, but I
>> didn't expect it to go. That was a week ago, or so.
I have appealed to the people for help on this, and I hope they'll be able to resolve it. My only reason for using this instead of doing it by hand is that I don't know how to add the comment feature to my own blog (to be honest, I haven't even tried to find out). But if the Great Unregistered can't comment here, then comments don't work, for my purposes, and there's no point in staying.

We'll see what develops.


Kelly Kelly Kelly said...

Anna- this is me (Kelly) commenting on your blog without registering. Alll that has to be done is once you choose the "Leave Comment" link, you come to a small interface that allows you to "Choose and Identity". You can be a "blogger", "other" or "anonymous". May should choose either "other" or "anonymous".

anna, anonymously said...

this is me, trying it too. Hope this works, because I tried to change my settings to what the blogger-helpoids suggested, and theywere already there.