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Friday, December 07, 2007

well, now I know...

...that Christmas knitting is a Very Bad Idea. No time to start other projects, just grinding along on these until I want to jump up and down on them. IF I actually get them done in time (note very big if), when the huz and the MIL get them and say ooo! aaah! thank you! I will respond with GRAAARGH!

No pictures, sorry. No time to put the knitting down. Grargh.


Mari said...

Oh, I haven't even finished that something, that was meant to be a christmas present to my DH - last year.... :)

peachyknits said...

see, I just cast on for my mum's present. Today, as in 1 week before christmas, and it's a lace stole, so it has to be done by Friday, Saturday latest, to be soaked, blocked, and dry. I am officially mad.

so you're not alone out there :)
although I think you have a better chance of getting your knits done than I do.

greetings from snowy Vienna,
your ex-pal!

alala said...

Yeah, I'm afraid the scarf for DH is going to have to be a birthday present. Luckily, his birthday's in March, just when the scarf-weather is giving way to sunshine and bunnies -in England, at least, which is where he'll be. But I have other things I can give him. I don't have anything else for my MIL, so that has to take priority.

peachy, I've read your blog, and I'm betting you'll finish that stole in time.

peachyknits said...

I gave up!! Like 2 days ago, after missing my 70 rows a day lower limit again by at least 65 rows, I'm now weaving my mum a scarf, and she gets a certificate for the stole. and as she has the same stuff with her wrists as me, I'm sure she'll understand (and she's mum to a single child, where everything has to be forgiven anyway) ;)