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Saturday, December 22, 2007

more flower basket

Well, here it is in its unblocked glory:
FBS, unblocked

And a little close-up:
FBS, detail

It's currently drying, and then I'll use the Harlot's tutorial to block it (thanks for the tip Peachy).

And now I don't know how to decide what to knit next. Hm.


amy said...

You made it! Phew. Knit something utterly enjoyable and without a deadline next.

Merry merry to you & yours!

Elemmaciltur said...


And did you notice that the Harlot was blocking the same shawl?! ;-p

alala said...

@amy: yeah. I think I deserve to start that yarn Mari sent me.

@elemm: yes, I did! It made the instructions particularly easy to follow.

Tini said...

oooh great.... what about working on some ufos till the new year?

Peachy said...

wooot, that really looks great, even unblocked yet. Makes my fingers itch for lace again, but I should really finish that cardigan so I can actually wear it before spring :)