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Saturday, December 22, 2007

home stretch

Ugh, sorry the long silence peeps, but this is my knitting blog, and I'm still working on the same project. I had to let Henry slide, because I do have alterna-gifts for DrBob, but the Flower Basket Shawl absolutely must be done in time, because we don't have any other ideas for my MIL. I'm beading the very last row before the bind-off row, and I'm halfway done with that, so really nearly done. Projektleiterin says it's going to be enormous - she should know, she's actually done lace before. I have to learn to block lace, well, tomorrow. And I haven't been taking photos, but I'll try to get a few up tomorrow.

I'm gonna make it! Probably. Yay!


Peachy said...

Yay for nearly finished gifts!

Blocking lace is only half as scary as it sounds - and you can stretch that stuff really a lot, and it in fact has to stretched so the whole yo's come to their full glory.

I did my first blocking after the harlot's post -
- have fun! :)
peachy / Barbara

projektleiterin said...

Guess what, I just bought the yellow alpaca yarn and will start knitting another Flower Basket Shawl for my aunt! :) I just love the pattern. Am looking forward to seeing how yours looks when it's blocked.