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Sunday, February 19, 2006

a small problem with watching hockey on TV

I'm not really a TV person, though I don't pretend this is any kind of virtue, which I think differentiates me from most non-TV people. It's mostly circumstantial in my case: most of the good TV is on in the evening when I don't have time to watch it, and I'm much too disorganized to remember things like what day it is, so I never manage to see the same show twice.

And while I don't think I'm better than people who do watch TV, I do try to limit the kids' access somewhat, just because I strongly suspect that if I didn't impose limits, they'd never do anything else. So those are, more or less, the reasons why we have such a tiny television: TV doesn't feature largely in our lives, and we don't want the kids to get too fixated on it. Plus, there are few attractive yet affordable televisions, and the one we thought was cute happened to be also very small. And mostly I don't mind having a small TV, except for two weeks every four years, when Olympic ice hockey happens and I can't see the puck.


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~d (tilde) said...

we, too, are very anti-television. Except for Noggin, which is 100% kid-friendly! You may not GET it, but you could check it out online for curiositys sake. When Daddy comes home the TV goes off...unless there is an Olympic event Mommy wants to see. Other than that, the Olympics continue after the kiddies are in bed...t1j and I watch them at 5AM, CST and I think we are catching them live...we have really been enjoying that.
Opening ceremonies were a bit too Cirque du Soliel...which is FINE but, it disintersted many in my household...( except me! )