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Sunday, September 18, 2005

someone to pray for

I knew Christie when I lived in Port Townsend in 1998. We didn't keep in touch after I left, so I can't really say I know her now, but I remember being struck by how sensible and tough and hard-working she is - all qualities I seem to lack, especially lately. Her house was the first one built by Habitat for Humanity in Port Townsend, and I wish I'd helped her with it, more than just contributing money to Habitat for a couple years. I wish I'd picked up a hammer and actually made myself useful. She's a really smart, really strong woman, and I have always admired her. She's about to go to Iraq with her National Guard unit, leaving her two kids in the care of her mother and sisters. I wish she weren't going to Iraq, because it's dangerous there and I have questions about our involvement in the whole mess. But I have nothing but respect for the depth of her belief that this is the right thing to do, and the sacrifice she's willing to make for it. She's always been kind of a hero of mine. Now even more so.

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