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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

la-la-la, dum-de-dum

Hey, I'm on a roll. Look at all these blog entries! So I sort of feel I should keep it up, and I've decided I will not be deterred by nothing much having happened in the last day or so. Today I did no homework at all, and precious little workwork, but I did fold six loads of laundry. Yeah. Six. Pretty much every towel and item of clothing in the house, yes. I do this, I do a laundry blitz and get all caught up, and then I don't need to check the status of the laundry for a few days, which somehow stretches to a few weeks - i.e., if I don't check every two days or so, I forget to check at all, until we all find ourselves borrowing socks from eachother and drying off with Kleenex after a shower, and then I think wait! I bet there's a bunch of stuff in the basement! And lo there is, and I have to do six loads of laundry in two days and then I feel all oppressed. But now my jobs are so stressful and keeping up with the kids' schedules is so demanding, that I feel really good when all I have to do is laundry. Never thought I'd be wishing I was Just a Housewife again, especially since I was such a crappy one.

I wrote to my teacher about, um, stuff that's going on, so he applied for an extension for my database course. He even said if I wanted to take a break for a few weeks that was okay, but I said no thanks, if I do that I'll forget everything I've learned so far.

Other news: in the last 24 hours, um, nope. Don't think so.

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