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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Benediktbeuern, take two

So yeah, I went to Benediktbeuern last weekend and it was fun. Laris has good pictures (I never remember to bring my camera, probably because it... yeah, you know the rest). Apparently she was there at the same time I was, I wish I'd managed to meet her. I did see Alpenfee, and I wandered off figuring we'd get a chance to talk later, but we never did.

I was NOT going to buy yarn, because I don't need any for any projects, and I am supposed to be getting rid of stuff in preparation for the big move, not acquiring more. But then I saw the Wollmeise, so of course I bought yarn.

It's not my fault! She has Versuchskaninchen (guinea-pig) colorways that aren't on the website so you can only get them at the market, and besides, it's really better to be able to see (and sniff) the yarn in person, and I never make the shop updates, because they're on Fridays when I work. So I can't really buy Wollmeise online, so I have to seize the opportunities that the markets provide. Really, buying Wollmeise yarn at the markets would be fully justified if I actually needed any, and if I didn't have, oh, 20 skeins at home already. But hey - at least five of those are currently in projects, so that leaves... 15... that I have no idea what I'm going to do with... Actually, that's not strictly accurate. I have too many ideas.

Anyway. I was actually shopping for someone else, so I got to shop while feeling all virtuous because it wasn't for me, but then I had to grab one of the Versuchskaninchen skeins that I would say is sort of Spiderman-colored, and also Barista, which I thought was the name of the Fratello colorway because a Barista is a coffee jerk and Fratello is so coffee-like. But no, it's greeny-blue and bluey-blue and dark brown and very Seattle-y. So of course I neeeeeded it. There will be photos if I can get good ones.

Seriously! Only two skeins! That is a very, very moderate amount of S.E.X, wouldn't you say? (say yes.) Oh, and I rode up with MsB, so we got to hang out, which we hardly ever get to do, and that was great. And I also saw Needlegnome the Blogless and her new baby (cute! so cute! But I'm still really glad those days are behind me!), and also the Wollmeise and Yarnissima, and met a very nice Arlene, and I was able to make conversation IN GERMAN and not say anything too soul-crushingly stupid (yes, for me, that is a major achievement).

And then I came home and got sick, which is why it took me three days to get around to blogging it.


bockstark.knits said...

2 skeins, wow, you are so in control! :) it was so much fun to hang out with you, must do it again soon!

Elemmaciltur said...

Teehee, I was even better: I got just one skein of Barista. :-p

amy said...

I get it (I think)! This is a yearly textile market, and you won't be there next year, so this was your last year to go? I hope you were equally restrained if I was the person you were shopping for, because you've spoiled me enough. Which is not to say I'm not dying to know what you might have gotten. :) And also, I hope you're feeling better soon.

alala said...

@bockstark: oh I'm so glad you think so too.

@elemm: after saying you were going to buy NOTHING... :-p

@amy: erm, no, actually (insert sheepish grin here). Yarnissima drives down from the Netherlands for Benediktbeuern, and we already talked about driving together next year.