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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

apparently, I am insane

Hey, now that I have my computer back, I can start working on Giselle or Namarié again! Or I could finish up the socks and the shrug I started on vacation... or take up one of the two sweaters I started right before I left for vacation. Or, I could start two entirely new projects in two days, bringing my number of non-hibernating wips up to 8.

Hmm, what will I decide...?

(hint: check the title of this post.)


amy said...

How does that not cause you stress, when the spoons do? Because that many wips would definitely give me fits.

alala said...

Oh, it does. But the wips cause stress before I even cast on: I get an idea, and it buzzes around my brain, like a bee at a window (bzz-thwap, bzz-bzz-thwap), until I can get it on the needles and on paper (in that nifty little book you made me). If I can't, it stays in my head until it drives me crazy, or until I forget what I wanted to do. Which also drives me crazy.

Elemmaciltur said...

Oooh, yes for more WIPs!

And being the smart-ass that I am, I would like to point out to you that it's "Namárië" and not "Namarié".

alala said...

I know, I know (and I don't mind because I bet I'm a bigger smart-ass than you are), but I can't do an e with umlauts on this computer. What the hell kinda keyboard do you have, that you can?

Elemmaciltur said...

I don't have no special keyboard...just use Words and copy and paste. :-p