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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Yeah, Baby!

Hah. Five loads of laundry, sorted, folded, and waiting to be put away (the sixth load is still in the dryer - betcha it's still there next Friday), two grumpy sons because I made them help me fold stuff, two shiny bathrooms, one house full of clean floors, and one metric buttload of peeled cooked potatoes for use in whatever culinary adventure I stumble into next. In the words of Son1's kindergarten pal Richard, ca. 1999, I Wock!

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Amber said...

You Wock indeed!! I have just dumped what will be 6 loads over the banister to wash today. The dryer is still broken but I will hike the heating up and dry them over the radiators. Wish me well and know that you, my dear, have inspired me!! :)