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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

a cringe to the inevitable

We all go through the same milestones, right? First tooth, first steps, first self-inflicted haircut. Today it was Secondborn's turn. Firstborn, now, he just cut a chunk out of his bangs and scotch-taped it to his upper lip to make a mustache. Nothing, comprehensive, and fairly easy to repair. But Secondborn dreams bigger, I guess.

God, it looks like he used a lawnmower.

He's making that face, by the way, because we were cackling like hyenas and he couldn't decide whether to laugh with us or be offended.

UPDATE: I got out the clippers to "even it out" (i.e., cut it all down to 1/8") after dinner. Unfortunately, the Husband gave him a mirror at the mullet stage and 2b was distraught. He slid off the chair, buried his face in my lap, and howled, "I'll never be cool again." Oh dear.


Chicka said...

Oh the poor thing. Yet the first in a string of stupid moves that will make him uncool.

Break it to him gently. It's a boy thing. (Shhh... Don't break my illusion, k? We did our scissor bout a long time ago!)\

WTF Is yzecylyu? Sounds French! LOL!

alala said...

I think The Boy will recover in time, though I am considering letting him stay home tomorrow.

Yzecylyu will be the next separatist movement to declare war on Russia.

Mine is glbsfse, which is an acronym. It stands for Greater Lower Baja San Francisco Stock Exchange, from back in the 80s when every little podunk community was trying to get in on the lucrative Stock Exchange business. It flopped after three weeks.

Kelly said...

Hey! What about the reverse mohawk idea- that would have been cool!

alala said...

No, reverse-mohawk just screams "aging (balding) rock star." Think Meatloaf. Think Metallica. Think Bill Nighy's character in Love Actually. No no, it really won't do.

Of course, with the buzzhead he now looks like a teeny-tiny bouncer.

mwdkntl: um, Yiddish. A dress you hate, that you only wear when you're already in a bad mood anyway.

KimberlyDi said...

How funny! My step-daughter did her hair a few years ago. It is a right of passage. A ritual of growing up. And funny as Heck!

Amber said...

When Daniel and Rosie did their hair, the did my friend's little boy too!!

mine is ngwwsmg- Which we all know stands for:

Nothing Gets White Without Some Magic Gobbing.