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Thursday, December 01, 2005

winter fog

It freezes into crystals, and lines every little thing, every branch, leaf, defunct spiderweb, chain-link fence with tiny white spikes, and it's so breathtakingly beautiful, everything ghostly-pale against the gray sky.

But it's also FUCKING cold out, so I think I'll keep my blue funk for a bit longer, thanks.

I did go to and order some Christmas CDs. Umm, Bach cantatas, a Brian Setzer Orchestra thing, and...oh, right, tinkly instrumental celtic stuff. I also bought wrapping paper today AND...went to the gym! Yay me.

Oh yeah, I also made spaghetti and meatballs for dinner today, homemade sauce and from-scratch meatballs, I'm so June Cleaver. Except I forgot the salt. Other than that, though, they were fine.


Theresa said...

Eh, I'm sure forgetting the salt was no big deal! :)

alala said...

Yeah, salt schmalt. Nevermind King Lear, that was fiction. In real life, you can always add salt.

cmhl said...

oh yummy, I LOVE homemade spaghetti--- LOVE it..