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Thursday, January 16, 2014

tiny sweater update

Size newborn1, worsted weight
Size newborn2, worsted weight
Size newborn2, fingering weight
Four sweaters knitted, three photographed, none washed or blocked yet. I'll try to get that all done this weekend so I can mail them to their new little owners on Monday. 

I wrote out the pattern for four yarn weights and six sizes, and sent it to Arja(aaa), who invited, oh, 27 of her closest friends to a test-knit (for which thank you, Arja, because it got me moving like nothing else would) and there has been good feedback and now I am struggling to work it all in and rewrite the pattern like a real writer, you know, someone who can do stuff with words. Then there's pictures and formatting and such still to do. It's taking me ages, because every time I find a mistake anywhere I have to recheck all the math, which is a real recipe for crazy. Once it's done I will very seriously consider sending it to the MuKnit group for a second round of testing. Just to try being all rigorous for once. (It probably won't suit me.)

Then, too, other non-knitting related things are going on, which drag my attention away from What Really Matters (hint: it rhymes with "schmitting"). Don't know how I let that happen...

And oh, epic noes! Aldi is going to have sockyarn again next week! What'll I doooooooo!? Well, knit all the sizes of my pattern, for one. And many more socks. 

Which I will definitely blog about. There, I said it. Now I have to do it.

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