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Wednesday, January 01, 2014

from socks to sweaters

Again I am not posting because there aren't enough pictures - yes, I know: stupid. So here is my New Year's Resolution vis à vis this knitting blog: I will certainly try to post more often, because I actually do use this blog for documentation. Sometimes.

BUT ANYWAY. I bet you were wondering what it would take to break my sock obsession, and it happened about a week after my last post: a friend in NL had twin boys, so it's on to tiny sweaters! Which I actually already promised them when I visited them in hospital (eeee that was fun!) a month ago, so I should really get on with that.

Not that I haven't, I am knitting up a storm here. But I'm also designing/documenting the process, so I can properly publish the Five-Hour Baby Sweater pattern. The existing pattern is very specific and yields exactly one size, in one yarn. I know I can do better. 5hbs mk 2 has six sizes, in four yarn weights, and I've already worked up two of them. I should probably line up test-knitters as a next step.

The socks are washed and now drying and the light is gone, but I'll try for photos tomorrow, and then I'll get on to documenting the sweaters. Okay, now it's out there: instead of having a vague intention, I've actually written and published it, so that means it's more likely to happen, right? Right.


Arja van den Bee said...

do you still need test knitters?

Anna Larsson said...

Yes! Lots!

Arja van den Bee said...

5 hours. I think I have 5 hours. Do we have a deadline? What kind of yarn & needles are we talking about?

amy said...

Yes, post more please. I miss you.

Anna Larsson said...

Aww, I miss you too Amy! I stop by your blog every so often, probably shoulda said hi on one of those occasions, yeah?

@Arja, I'm writing a pattern for six baby-sizes and four yarn-weights, with the caveat that if you use sock yarn, you won't be done in 5 hours. Let me just tidy up the spelling and I'll send you my first draft by this weekend.