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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

sock obsession, probably temporary

Three weeks? Wow, it seems like I would've gotten more done in that time, since I've been neglecting every other project, even The Fat Squirrel's Squirrel It Away Knitalong which was SUCH a great idea and I signed onto it with immense enthusiasm, only to drop it like a hot rock when the grocery store stocked some cheap yarn. I am... a unique and special snowflake, I suppose, as long as you understand that to mean "bat-crap crazy."

The socks are a great accompaniment to listening to Mark read The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms and watching football. Not to mention a super-awesome way to stall on some jobs I should be applying for.

(Side note, I really don't like Blogger's options for placing pictures. It shouldn't be that hard, folks.) Anyway, brown socks for Secondborn, nearly done. Teal/purple socks for MEMEME! Done! Started teal/green socks recently and have already turned the heel on the first one and started the toe on the second one. I think these are my favorite so far.
So yeah. We'll see how long it takes this one to wear off. And how many unfinished socks I have on the needles when the "meh" takes me. My prediction: seven. 


Tini said...

Socks are great, periode. Cheap yarn? Not so much (bad experience with Aldi sockyarn here).
Were can I actually listen to Mark? I just can SEE the reviews...

Anna Larsson said...

Yeah, but I can't waste my Wollmeise on things that will go on my FEET, inside SHOES. The Aldi yarn is a bit splitty, though.

Android's Dream starts here:
the YouTube windows are at the bottom of the post.

Hundred Thousand Kingdoms starts here:
.. Mark reviews all the chapters, but only reads aloud the ones that someone sponsors. Someone named Kelsie sponsored everything from Ch. 9 onward, yay!

Tini said...

I mostly don't wear Wollmeise at my feet but I do prefer the handdyers, that use the same base as regia or Schoppel or Zitron.

Anna Larsson said...

So do I, but I'm technically on a yarn diet, which I find easy to follow when it comes to ordering online. But you always fall off the wagon at the store. ;-]