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Saturday, September 28, 2013

N K Jemisin socks

Augh, it is a struggle to put down my knitting to blog about my knitting. Is there irony in that? Nah, probably not.

So since my last post I have MOVED TO ANOTHER COUNTRY, which is only part of why the not-blogging. One of the ways in which I procrastinate is to involve every action in a complicated ritual which begins with a step that I can't take right now, e.g: before I get dressed I have to take a shower but first I should probably get on the exercise bike which means I need to summon the motivation to be bored and sweaty for 20 minutes OR I need to admit that that's not gonna happen today because I am a wuss. Both options take a long time to work up to, which is why I'm still in my PJs at 4pm some days.

The knitblog equivalent of this is "I can't post (or list the project on Ravelry) without pictures, and my camera sucks and it's dark out." Also, taking pictures with my phone, bluetoothing them to my computer, resizing in IrfanView and then cropping in MS Paint and then sharpening, resizing and fixing the colors in IrfanView again, takes up valuable time that I could spend working on my spiffy new project which I am so excited about that I had to cast on even though I have 8 WIPs already. I tell you, I am a deeply flawed human being.


Now that we're back in Germany we can shop at Aldi again, with their semi-weekly theme events (we are so stocked up on pasta after Italian Food Week we'll have no trouble surviving the Barilla boycott, I tell you what). And Aldi has noticed that knitting is hip again (as the magazines have been telling us for lo, these ten years now), so they had SOCK YARN last week. And there was great rejoicing (me) and rolling of eyes (Mr Husband) at casa alala.

I think I was very restrained. Sixteen skeins isn't much when you realize it comes in packs of four (two colors per pack), and there were two whole color pairings that I didn't actually buy. There would have been three, but Secondborn has recently decided he likes brown. Ooo, I wonder if he knows about Steampunk yet...

And here they are, in the pairs they were packaged in:
Yes. I bought yarn from the grocery store. We are living in amazing times.

And I've already knit almost half a sock, so I'm naming the project after author N K Jemisin. Today while knitting I watched Mark read Valedictorian, and read Mark's response to the first few chapters of The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, and also caught up on her blog, so now every time I wear these socks I'll think of her. Which is fine. I really like this author. She totally deserves some socks.

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