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Saturday, July 28, 2012

miss me?

Right, y'all, I'm going to clean this space up too, and start using it. It seems Ravelry has replaced this blog, and Facebook has replaced my other blog, and I'm barely able to keep up with them, so I don't know why I'm doing this, but whatever. It's awesome that so many other bloggers are still going strong and I feel like a hosebag for giving up, not that I really, formally, you know, officially abdicated from my blogs or anything, I just sort of saw something shiny and wandered off. For two years.


What happened this week is I got yarn! Not a lot, because I already had enough to last longer than I am expecting to live before a close friend opened a yarn shop, and since that happened I've had to get rid of my kids to make more space for yarn. But Wollmeise was having a SALE! And it started the day after I left Germany so I sent the superbificent Adriana on my behalf (and that of a few friends), so even though four skeins showed up on my doorstep the other day, I only get to keep one of them. But I got to pet and hug and smell the others before I had to give them to their new owners, so that's okay. And I will get to go to the Wollmeise shop in September. And soon after that we will move into a bigger house. You see how neatly things work out?


Nell Berens Prosise said...

Ravelry has taken over from my blog too. Nice to know I have good company.

Arja said...

happy Swamp German, owning my first Wollmeise ever!

Fiona Rossimel said...

Haha! I have found your blog! Now here I come, hassling you and commenting all the time :-) and THANK YOU for the link to Harlequin Yarns. May the yarny goodness follow you :-)

amy said...

I did miss you, yes.