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Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Skein that Wouldn't Die

So once upon a time, my friend Kris was destashing and I bought a bunch of yarn from her. Now it's my turn to destash, and I am trying to do it by knitting! Knitting one thousand baby items out of sock wool, apparently. Because I am insane.

purple baby sweaterOne of the things I bought was a skein of purple Nova Socks yarn by Fleece Artist. One skein of sock yarn, which I usually figure will do for a baby sweater, and I have a friend - well, several, actually - who's about to have a baby. So I cast on for the Ruby version of the Five-Hour Baby Sweater, and made it nice and roomy, I thought. But once the sleeves were indisputably long enough, and I frogged the body to remove the decreases so it would be nice and wide, and then made the body indisputably long enough and had to bind off - lo, there was still a bunch of yarn left.

purple baby bootiesSo I made booties! Simple toe-up, short-row heel baby booties to match the sweater. Only they started heading into knee sock territory, and again I had to bind off.

And now I have this aggravatingly small wad of yarn, too short to do anything with and too long to throw away. Arg.
purple yarn, leftover
Also, I really hope this baby likes purple.

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