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Sunday, May 03, 2009

zero-sum knitting

Yesterday I had a train ride and then two hours to kill while Ignatz had his first Dutch lesson. A knitter never minds having time to kill (as long as she has her knitting handy) and I did make some lovely progress, though it's double knitting, which naturally goes rather slowly. But then I found an error, had to frog waaaaaay back, and by the time I had all my stitches back on the needles it was time to fetch Ig and go home. The rest of the day did not contain any uninterrupted 2-hour stretches of knitting time, so it took me the rest of the day to get back to where I'd been when I found the error and had to frog. Twice the knitting, half the progress.

Gnarf, as Tini says.


amy said...

When I have those experiences, when I have to rip back and end up with less than I started with, my husband says, "Well *I* could do that."

Not helpful, but I suppose true nonetheless.

Tini said...

oh, that is really *gnarf*
(actually I did not make up that word, I heard it somewhere and it stuck. *gacken* is my second favourite word....

Elemmaciltur said...

Ahhh...yeah, I know of that problem with double knitting. But soldier on (when you have time again). :-)