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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

more zero-sum knitting on the same thing, yay.

Turns out, that mitten-cuff from the previous entry was actually a swatch, though not a very good one: when I was first getting the hang of double knitting, I kind of knit too loose and the cuff was huge. I got up about 26 rows and decided that, while I loved the two colorways together, they weren't working with the zigzag pattern. So I frogged it and started over with the same red (Campari Orange) and a new color, Zur Lederhos'n, left over from the test knit, and my second draft is much more even and less loosey-goosey. Sometimes you just have to back up.


Elemmaciltur said...

Really, I think I like it better in Tiefer See....or was it Pfefferminz-Prinz.

alala said...

It was Tiefer See, and once I got up a few more rows, it was too varied - you couldn't see the zigzag pattern. I think Tiefer See + Campari Orange = fantastic stripey socks, but anything more complex than stripes would get lost.