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Saturday, January 31, 2009

a photo and an award

Aliénor, finished
The sun came out today, so I got Mr. Husband to take a few pictures. I still think this could be shown to better effect, but at least you can sort of see the whole thing. This is Aliénor, and it is very warm and comfy. I should have made it a bit longer, but it's been really cold and I wanted a warm sweater to wear NOW.

It's Valley Yarns Stockbridge, in Deep Teal, and I am thinking a nice alpaca silk blend would also be good for this. Maybe I'll make another one. Yeah, right, like I ever make anything twice, I can barely manage to make two socks. Maybe next winter?

And look! Elemmaciltur called me an awesome designer! Thank you! What have you been smoking? Just kidding, isn't he sweet? I changed the colors of the award, though, hope the original artist doesn't mind. I'm really not a pink person.

The rules are:
1. The winner must copy this Award to their own blog. (check)
2. Link to the blog from whence you received the Award
3. Nominate a minimum of 7 other bloggers
4. Link to the nominated on your blog
5. Leave comment about the award on the nominated blogs.

Right, well, Amy, of course, because she only just started sewing recently - at least I think she said she started recently, though the things she makes don't look like a beginner's work - and also because of the way she writes: I really hope that she spends hours editing and fiddling and agonizing over every sentence like I do, but since she's a homeschooler with three children under 7, she probably doesn't. Sigh.

Speaking of sewing, Tini sews clothes that can be worn by actual grown-ups. I think babies and small children are a lot easier to make clothes for, knitting for grown-ups is harder, and sewing for grown-ups is so hard that if I decided to learn how, it would take me longer than I am currently expecting to live.

Hm, who else? Gonna cheat and say Elemmaciltur because he really belongs on the list, even though he's already gotten the award.

...and then Blogger ate my post, and this is what I was able to fish out of the drafts list. Dang. I'll finish it tomorrow.


amy said...

First, thank you for the award, and I will get that on my blog about the same time I do the meme you tagged me for, which I keep meaning to do, so hopefully soon. And I write and edit drafts in my head, mostly, often while I'm lying in bed after the 4 am nursing, unable to go back to sleep.

But what I REALLY have to say--did you take good notes on that sweater? Because it's gorgeous, and it's your own design, isn't it? I think you could sell that pattern like hotcakes. (Or something like that.)

Elemmaciltur said...

Yay for such a great FO! Are you going to put the pattern up on Ravelry! Go on, sell it!!!

And thanks for re-nominating me!

alala said...

@ amy: I tagged you for a meme? Huh.

Yeah, I write and edit in my head too, but as I have just demonstrated, I forget everything the moment after I think it.

@ both of y'all: Sell it? Hmm. I will ponder and then blog about why I'm not sure that would work. But I did take good notes.

Bells said...

What a stunning piece of work. That's incredible. I simply love everything about it!

MadMad said...

Whoa! That is beautiful! (over from Amy's to see the sweater!)

PipneyJane said...

That is a stunning sweater! I would love to buy a copy of the pattern when you're ready to sell it.

- Pam (stalked you from Amy's blog)

bockstark.knits said...

dude, that is an amazing sweater and belongs in VK!!! seriously! it accentuates your very HOT bod!!! ;)