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Monday, August 04, 2008


Well. My computer's in the shop, so until I get it back, all the projects whose patterns were stored in it are on hold. I am told it will cost €330 to fix it, not including the 19% sales tax, so I'm still deciding whether it's worth it. A lot will depend on whether they can rescue my data. No, I did not back it up. Yes, I am a doink. Don't rub it in.

Sorry, I'm a bit testy lately. Testier, I should probably say. Anyway, Mr. Husband is in Utrecht with his tiny laptop, so I have the use of his other laptop until he gets home. I used some of my computer-less time to organize my stash, and today (and probably tomorrow, and possibly even the next day - gah, how did I end up with so much yarn?) I'm catching up with the photographing and uploading work that I've been putting off for, um, four months I think.

So. Progress.
  • Swatch for LYS: Done! Took longer than you'd think, because it was a Kaffe Fasset yarn with ├╝ber-long color repeats, so it had to be a big swatch. And once I ran out of soccer games to watch I had a hard time making any progress.
  • Top Secret Project: Done!
  • Muppet Socks: nearly done with the plain part, almost ready to start the Muppet-fur part.
  • Ysabel: On hold. It's been hot lately, and I'm not excited about having a lapful of wool.
  • Giselle: On hold. Pattern's on the computer. I sure hope it can be rescued.
  • Juana La Loca: On hold twice - see above re lapful of wool, and also I need to find the right yarn. But I shouldn't be buying new yarn right now.
  • Namarie: On hold. Pattern's in the computer, and I really, really hope this can be rescued. Giselle I can buy again, if I have to, but this one I made up myself, and starting over would be... kinda painful.
  • And a new thing, Naiad, which is a summer thing using a cotton-viscose blend. All swatched up, but I only have the one skein that I used for swatching, and would need to buy more. And again, I really shouldn't be buying new yarn.
We're going on holiday in two weeks, to a windswept island in the northwestern Netherlands, where the lapful of wool probably won't be such a problem. And I hope I'll have my computer, or at least my data, back before then. So I guess I'll just work on the Muppet Socks until the rest of the problem solves itself.


Elemmaciltur said...

I think I know what the secret project is. :-p

projektleiterin said...

That sucks with the computer. External hard drives are not that expensive and you can do a backup pretty fast. Although you do know that backups should not only be done with one mediuam, but various external hard drives, dvd, etc)?

alala said...

@e: shhhh!

@p: yeah, I know, I just hadn't gotten around to doing it. Turns out, procrastinating is a bad idea. Dang.