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Thursday, August 28, 2008

knitting update: Elfine is no longer Elfine.

dunegrassSwatchI decided I needed a sock project for the trip up to the Netherlands, because traveling always seems to require a sock project. I had the Elfine pattern printed out, so that seemed nicely portable. And they're so pretty! And I love Cold Comfort Farm, it's one of the books that I reread every two years or so (the movie is also terrific, which is just so very rare).

The Elfine pattern is fine, but it wasn't grabbing me, for no particular reason. I took these on vacation up to the West Frisian island of Vlieland, and I found myself inspired by the hardy grass that thrives on the dunes, despite the poor sandy soil and ceaseless breeze. After four days of swatching, I had a new stitch pattern (well, new to me), and I'm now back home, reliving my vacation through my knitting. I quite like this one, though I'll probably be thoroughly sick of it by the time I finish.


bockstark.knits said...

Oooh pretty!!! Love the color!

Elemmaciltur said...

Pattern? Like I said, I would want to see this in contrasting colours.

alala said...

Oh right, I should probably be mentioning which yarn I'm using, eh? That's Wollmeise Farn.

As for the pattern, it is still in development. I'll put it out there when I've stopped ripping back the last 8 rows.

projektleiterin said...


alala said...

Yep, the stuff you borrowed to finish that shawl? "Farn" is the colorway.