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Thursday, June 12, 2008

socks and socks

done1heel Here they are, my fabulous armadillos that I just love. I actually knitted them up to a decent length, because they're so easy I was able to knit while watching the first few games of the European Soccer Championships. But I didn't knit them too long, because I don't like knee-socks, so I have a bit leftover and no idea what to do with it. I'm sure something will come to me.

And another pair of happy socks! Tini sent me these, which was just fab of her and now I have three whole pairs of hand-knit socks to wear around this... summer... oh well, the weather's been fairly crappy, and I do actually need socks in the evening, so that's good.


amy said...

I like them too! I've been knitting baby socks with leftovers. They're so cute I can't stand it. I also like this little pouch, but it's a Magknits pattern and I don't see that the designer has posted it anywhere else. (That's a Rav link.) It's so simple I bet you could figure it out, though.

Tini said...

mmhh, it just started to rain here yesterday, otherwise it's perfect summer up here! But you are moving toward the North ;) don't you?

Glad, that the socks fit and that you'll like them!

leil said...

I just finished my second? knitting project. I think the first one is not really finished (didn't weave the ends in yet) so really, I have just finished the first. A scarf, thick grey wool, which demonstrates my inability to keep tension the same across a project. I do the same thing in crochet, sadly. Maybe it has something to do with taking months to finish a project, I don't know. Anyway, I am excited to have finished my first project and looking forward to trying something else. Maybe on circular needles, since I hear they are the best.

projektleiterin said...

You've been tagged!