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Saturday, March 08, 2008

people to knit with!

Yesterday was the second Friday Knitting Night at Lanaiolo, and I just love this. It's so much quieter than Starbuck's, and cheaper, if you don't buy the yarn, which of course I will as soon as I reach a decision - so, probably not until next year. But, you know, it's not an English-speaking group, though some of the members can. German is the default setting, and I don't really trust my German, even though Actual Germans keep telling me I speak it perfectly (I wish these people would share their hallucinogens with me...), so I kept saying things in English. I felt like a total dork. Memo to self: get clue.


Anonymous said...

You really really speak german perfectly, I wish my english whould be so good!

Tini said...

your German is sooo good, you really can trust it! Don't be shy, there's no need for it!

peachy said...

being still the happily solitary knitter I don't really know how I'd fare at a knitting group - but my knitting language is English, and my tongue gets all kinds of knots in it when I try to explain something apart from just plain stockinetee stitch to anyone in German, so I can kind of relate to your problem - but only in a very abstract way.
But meeting for a knit together (however you might call it, I guess) is mostly about the company, not the knitting per se, eh? :) Have fun!

Elemmaciltur said...

Oh, your German's perfect. Don't worry about it. I mean, I kept switching back and forth between the two languages. I tend to speak more German there because there were new people (Tom & Ina) there and I didn't want to alienate them by speaking English.

projektleiterin said...

I just abuse you for practicing my English, that's the only reason I speak English with you, not because your German is so bad. :D