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Monday, January 07, 2008

here's a picture!

kauni1(click to embiggen)

It's some yarn! (On a knitblog, imagine that.) This came in the mail today, from the lovely, lovely people at Woll-Sucht, who also sent gummi bears and tea! And they speak English! And I love them.

I also love this yarn, and the cardigan it's going to make, although I am fiddling around with alternatives to the squares. This is my next project, and it's big and involves (gasp) steeking! This qualifies it as stunt-knitting, but I'm up for it. This winter I need something warm and woolly in my lap, and sheep are too heavy and I can't get the damn cats to sit still. It'll take awhile, though. It's for Kelly, and if I'm lucky I should be able to get it to her in time for her birthday. You know, in April, when spring really starts heating up in Maryland. Ooo, unforeseen problem. Maybe I could convince her to move to Australia.


amy said...

And then she can be your Bendigo supplier. Just saying.

Kelly said...

No need to convince me, I'd go in a heartbeat!

And trhe wool is BEAUTIFUL!

Elemmaciltur said... I'm dreaming of spinning up my own yarn and knit it into a sweater. ;-)

That yarn you got is gorgeous!