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Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Well Corsica was actually pretty good for knitting. It's hard to knit on the beach, but I got heat rash after two days and had to stay out of the sun anyway, and the breeze off the sea keeps the heat bearable. In September, anyway.

So! Significant progress on the Seagrass Socks. Billy Reid is a bit more troublesome, since they're biggish socks and I'm using 80cm circs, so those are on hold until I can get into Munich tomorrow and get some 100cm Addis. I whipped up a hat for Kelly's daughter on the ferry from Bastia to Livorno, washed it and the Baby Bolero yesterday, they're drying in the basement. And the weather here is quite yucky for September, but it means it's not too hot to have a lapful of wool, so Arwen is seeing some progress. All good, but I can't start anything new, which is bumming me out.

I signed up for Secret of the Stole (and my yahoo inbox had nearly 800 messages in it when I got back from holiday - wow, these yahoo groups are fierce!) (also, I should get that button up on this blog...) and have seen the swatch and am conflicted. I was hoping it would turn out to be a good Christmas present for my mother-in-law, which would necessitate purple yarn, but the swatch - although I have seen many excellent versions in terrific colors - tells me that in my hands, it wants to be a sort of dull turquoise, medium greeny-blue sort of color. Moot point anyway, since
  1. Sabi at Sheepaints is not making purple (or greeny-blue) in sufficient quantities for this project...
  2. Even if she did, I can't afford 1200 yards of it.
  3. The Wollmeise doesn't have anything that grabs me either. I want greenish blue, not green and blue. Also, the designer says variegated is not a great idea for this one, it should be all one color to show off the lace pattern.
  4. So I'm still thinking about it, because I can't turn my fussy-brain off, but the plan right now is to look for something suitable at Benediktbeuern.
  5. If I opt for greeny-blue, then I still have to find purple yarn for a Flower Basket Shawl for my MIL. Yay, holiday knitting!
Um, I think I should have stopped using numbers earlier. Oh well, whatever. I should stop typing, go back to knitting, get some of the projects over and done with.

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