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Thursday, September 27, 2007

I give up

Well we had lovely sunny weather in Benediktbeuern, and then one sunny day thereafter, but I had too much else to do that day, so I didn't grab the opportunity to photograph my haul. Since then I've been waiting for the sun to come back so I can have some light to work with, but I have accepted that that's not going to happen.
So here's one blurry daylight photo of what I brought back (note fabulous little project bag made by the incredibly talented Ms.B - I will definitely buy one for my Secret Pal, but I love these so much I may decide that I need two for myself), and you can see closer-up shots of the stuff on my Flickr page (click the photo to get there). Oh, and the fabulous fbz posted all 76 (!) of her photos, and said I could link to them, so here - have a ball. We sure did.

I've cast on the gray silk for Henry, but I'm waiting for needles before I can continue (on order at the LYS). Still dithering about light purple silk or dark blue wool for the MIL's shawl. Ooo! But I finished the Seagrass socks today! I can't post a pic, though, because I'm thinking of submitting them to Knitty or somewhere. Will I actually do it? Probably not, but just in case, I'll hold off on blogging the details for now. Still slogging away on the Billy Reid socks - remind me not to make any more socks for guys with um, large... shoes.


Elemmaciltur said...

I'm regretting not having bought the silk for Henry now. :-(

But then again, maybe I can spin up yarn for it....although that's going to be a lot of work. :-p

amy said...

Oh, definitely submit it! Although, I will say, it probably took me longer to get my pattern into their style than it did to figure out the pattern. But it was a good learning experience.

Pretty yarn. And I actually find my photographs better without sun, on a cloudy day. A dry cloudy day, though. Actual precipitation doesn't help so much.