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Sunday, August 19, 2007

the Wollmeise

Yippee! Okay, so remember the Wollmeise yarn that Pooh was so excited about? Yeah, well, MsB from Bockstark Knits told me that Claudia, the Wollmeise herself, was bringing some yarn down to be photographed, and if she and Elemmaciltur and I could bring ours in, then Claudia wouldn't have to carry so much. I said okay, but it turned out to be unnecessary, because Claudia brought pretty much all her colors with her, but that explains why I still haven't opened any of it. And while resisting was very difficult, it's actually very much for the best, partly because of general virtuousness - I really do have to clear out some of these six projects before I start something new (well, then you shouldn't have frogged the Seagrass Socks should you? - shush, they were imperfect. I had no choice). But also because I still have all this perfect new yarn to look forward to! Yay!

So my Useful was going to be bringing yarn, and once that was unnecessary, they didn't really need me for the project at all, but do you think I was going to mention that to them!? Hell no! So I went! And I got to hold and fondle and smell and rub my face in almost all the shades of almost all the colors and seriously, I may never buy any other kind of yarn again. Well okay, Sabi from Sheepaints is going to have new yarn in about 20 minutes and if she has enough purple silk for a shawl for a certain MIL then I will, but after that? Or if Claudia starts dyeing silk? I will look no further for quite some time, because her colorways are teh yummy. Even the ones you don't like at first, it'll turn out you were looking at the light version and when you see the dark you'll be all YEARN! Or vice-versa.

Also, Claudia's really, really nice and entertaining and fun and cool. But don't stalk her, she hates that.


amy said...

Does that really translate to "wool tit"? I'm having trouble with the site (the wollmeise one) because it seems like the English was translated from German by a program and maybe not a person? And is there ordering information I'm missing? I'm going to have to Google. Is this available in the States?

ALALA! Look what you've done!!!

Elemmaciltur said...

Hehehehe, we LOVE the Wollmeise!

alala said...

Yes, a "meise" is a kind of bird which is called "chickadee" in North America, and "tit" in the rest of the English-speaking world. Small, adaptible seed- and bug-eaters. So the site was most likely translated by someone familiar with British English.

Available in the States: well, the Loopy Ewe had some, very briefly, heh. Claudia does ship to the U.S. If you click on "contact" or "kontakt", in the lower right-hand corner of the page, you get a form with which you can write to her, in English, and then she'll email you back. She's very easy to work with.