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Sunday, August 28, 2005

more about the vacation

Oh my GOD. I only just looked at Kilian's blog for the vacation. He played a game called "Spies" with a bunch of other boys. He climbed trees, and collected sticks with them, and they peeled and sharpened their sticks with their Swiss Army knives, and Kilian wished he'd brought his, and they had a hideout and we had four-course dinners and whatever we wanted for breakfast and lots of foozball and Monopoly and Settlers of Catan and cake in the afternoons and read from Harry Potter and he wrestled with Gus and got stung by a wasp and hung out with Josef and Matthäus and Philip and Johannes and there's nothing! Nothing at all about all that, just that he played some stupid computer game!

I am so sorry I brought that along, jeez. He gets so wound up about it, too, it makes him really tense and he snaps at people when he's losing and I tell him to get off the computer and he says okay and then doesn't, and when I make him stop he screams at me, and...and...and I am beginning to think that these computer games are not altogether good for him. I mean, it's a normal part of childhood and all, and if he could approach it with any kind of moderation I wouldn't worry, but there's something wrong here. It makes him sneaky and obsessive and temperamental and incredibly tedious, since it's his only topic of conversation. And he screams at me when I tell him his time is up. I mean seriously, that cannot be healthy.

I really wish I had someone to ask about this.

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