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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

the pictures are the problem

So I STILL haven't blocked the two sweaters I'd finished as of my last entry. Since then I've finished another one and made significant progress on the Giant Clam featherweight, a hat I keep starting and then frogging, that cool cobalt-colored leafy-lace silk scarf I started, and the adding of sleeves to a cami that I test-knitted for Adri, who has a new baby and is still better at blogging than I am. Plus the endless Aldi yarn sock project, and an actual finished pair of gloves. Gloves!

But then. I bought a bunch of yarn from Harlequin last time I was up north. Then I very generously helped a local knitter de-stash some of her Wollmeise. Last Thursday Aldi was selling sock yarn again. Of 6 possible color combinations I bought only 5, which I think shows admirable restraint on my part. And after a weekend of photographing all this yarn and cropping uploading cataloguing the pics on Ravelry, I do not have the energy to do the progress photos for all these projects. I am starting to think that the key difference between me and a successful knitwear designer is that I can't be bothered to faff around with pictures. I just want to knit and do lots of math.

Maybe I should find an aspiring designer who loves taking pictures and hates math. Maybe we can make a deal.

Anyway, since I do have all these yarn pics, I can at least share one with you. This is all of the Aldi sock yarn I've managed to accumulate, minus the stuff that's already been turned into socks.
I regret nothing.

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