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Wednesday, September 30, 2009


So between that last post and this one, I've gone and moved to a whole 'nother country! Sort of. I mean, moving from Germany to the Netherlands is probably a bit like moving from Seattle to Vancouver, but you know, it's... kinda different.

Anyway, I packed up all my yarn, started some things, re-started some other things, tabled some other-other things, and kind of, um, misplaced a project or two, oops? And I can't find my camera... well, I haven't actually tried real hard because I don't like it, but I'm sure it's around somewhere. The light's been kinda crappy anyway - all right, scratch that last excuse. Today has been drizzly, but the first 29 days of September were actually pretty nice. Anyhoo. No camera. No internet for a week, and then VERY limited internet for two weeks, uploading photos is a PITA under the best circumstances, which these are not - and the result is that my knitting reality no longer bears much resemblance to my Ravelry project page.

I should do something about that.


Tini said...

Hi neighbour,

I guess you are living a lot closer now :) Mayhap, if you want to see the baltic sea, you will have some vacation up here ;)

Hope, you settle in soon! Is it totally different from Bavaria? How's your Dutch?

mama said...

Yay- you're online at least. I've been checking Rav for you. Hope you are getting unpacked and kids in school and coping ok.

I want to to like your new house and new country and have fun there. :)

Debby in Alabama sends a big southern HUG!

alala said...

@Tini: that's right, we are neighbors! When everything is less freaky I shall come visit you. Look for me in spring, or come visit me!

@Debby: yep, here I am! I check Rav every day, but I'm so behind in all my groups that I don't say anything. I feel like before I comment, I should read everything that has been written thus far, and we both know that's not gonna happen...