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Monday, April 21, 2008

oh yeah...

Right, I mentioned it on the other blog, but forgot to put it here: we're moving to Utrecht. No details on when, yet, but sometime between September 2008 and September 2009. I've already checked: it has a good yarn shop.

And the Sindelfinger Handwerkermarkt? I think we should do a Benediktbeuern-style field trip, stay a night, check out Sindelfingen - it looks cool, even more hobbit-y than my town.

Sorry no pics lately - I've been taking them, but I can't upload them to flickr until I pay for a pro account, and there's some trouble with my debit card. I'll get it sorted out at some point.


alke said...

I'm behind on my blogs appearantly.... Yeah!! She's coming over!
No worries about your markets, I'll pick you up and drive us over, ok?

Elemmaciltur said...

Yeah...Wollmeise-groupie field trip. :-p

peachy said...

A friend of mine was for a year in Utrecht to finish her study, and she really liked the city! I'm sure you'll love it :)